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Outsourcing Fundamentals

Independent guide to Outsourcing: BPO strategy, Service Provider selection, contracting and implementation projects. Assessing and improving your current service.

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Objectives and Scope of this website

Why have I created this site? In my work within the outsourcing industry, I have consistently found that having knowledgeable clients benefits all involved: the service provider, advisors and obviously the clients themselves. Clients with little understanding of outsourcing can take up the time of suppliers and advisors without it leading to commercial work. Clients with more understanding get to a better solution with a supplier more quickly and are more effective in their use of advisors.

The core objective of the site is to help people understand more about BPO, in order that they can apply it in the right circumstances; make outsourcing effective for their business, and manage the evolution of their services.

Site Coverage

To try and provide appropriate information, I have based the site on a set of situations that might occur through the life of outsourcing:

  • Considering and investigating the use of BPO for the first time, or indeed for a new area.
  • Developing a sourcing strategy; testing if BPO is right for the business and activity.
  • Getting to a defined BPO solution, Service Provider selection and contracting.
  • Implementation and transition to a BPO service.
  • Maintaining an effective BPO service from a client perspective.
  • Dealing with an unsatisfactory service.
  • Approaching the end of the contracted term.

In addition, there are a couple of more generic sections:

  • An overview of BPO to provide context.
  • A review of the characteristics of a good BPO service.

It is useful to start with a description of what I mean by BPO in order to outline the scope of this site.

  • By BPO, I mean the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of specific business activities including those from finance, HR, procurement, customer relationship to a third-party service provider.
  • The service is delivered from one, or at least from a small number of service centres to or on behalf of multiple countries and locations for a company
  • The service is defined in terms of the activities to be undertaken and results to be achieved.

Although not directly the focus, much of the information here will be pertinent to:

  • A BPO service for a single country or even a single location.
  • IT outsourcing