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Outsourcing Fundamentals

Independent guide to Outsourcing: BPO strategy, Service Provider selection, contracting and implementation projects. Assessing and improving your current service.

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A plan and Resourcing for the Contracting Phase

This plan below is based on a real project. The aim is that you develop your own plan using one that has been executed before in order to cut the time and risk in developing your own.

this thumbnail links to the plan with timeline:

Plan with timeline


  1. Mobilisation
    1. Review strategy and develop plan
    2. resource project & set up governance
  2. Requirements Clarification
    1. Data Gathering
    2. Stakeholder Interviews
    3. Assessment and analysis
    4. Design future delivery model
    5. Draft retained organisation design
  3. Market testing & model building
    1. Market scan and Provider Selection for process
    2. develop information pack
    3. Develop business case model
    4. Hold workshops with SPs to discuss solutions
    5. refine future delivery model
    6. Develop project, change and risk management approach
    7. Finalise selection and evaluation process
  4. RFP Development
    1. Agree Request for Proposal structure and process
    2. Develop section on objectives and context
    3. Review and finalise service requirements specification
    4. Review and refine service implementation requirements
    5. Review and finalise key contract terms
    6. Distribute RFP and hold clarification calls
  1. Refine solution & select provider
    1. Clarify any uncertainties in responses
    2. Evaluate service proposal fit
    3. Asses impact on retained organisation
    4. commercial analysis & normalisation
    5. Review risks and business case
    6. Hold reference calls & meetings
    7. Make any final requests to providers
    8. Select provider for final negotiation
  2. Contract & negotiate
    1. Pre-Negotiation planning and set-up
    2. Develop / refine transition & transformation plans with provider
    3. Finalise governance obligations
    4. Finalise retained organisation design
    5. Contract Preparation & Negotiation
    6. Contract Execution
    7. Deal approvals


This is the phase requiring the most involvement from the widest set of expertise. It requires a detailed knowledge of the business, expertise in outsourcing, legal as well as the capability to plan a major organisational transformation.

An overview of the key roles required for outsourcing is given here:

BPO Roles