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Outsourcing Fundamentals

Independent guide to Outsourcing: BPO strategy, Service Provider selection, contracting and implementation projects. Assessing and improving your current service.

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Practical outsourcing expertise available if you need it

I am squeezing as much advice as I am able into this website. However, sometimes there is no substitute for experience on the ground, and an earlier intervention can save money and pain. If you feel you need external advice or support, please get in touch.

I provide a brief synopsis of my experience in "About > The Author". The sorts of support I have provided are:

  • Knowledge development: Providing a workshop to cover specific outsourcing aspects or topics aimed either at raising awareness or discussing specific challenges.
  • Project Scoping and planning: Working with the client to define a sound scope for a project and developing the plan and required resourcing to accomplish the client's objectives.
  • Reviews of:
    • Service performance: Undertaking a review of a service, its performance, governance and underpinning agreement documentation; Interviewing key client and provider stakeholders to clarify expectations of the service; Developing recommendations for resolving any issues and making desirable changes.
    • Commercial terms: Reviewing the commercial terms in the agreement and in use for an operational service; developing proposals for making the commercial terms better support a quality service and relationship.
    • Project Leadership: Taking project leadership for client or mixed client and consultant teams undertaking all stages of outsourcing from strategy through to implementation.
    • Contracting and Negotiation support: Providing outsourcing subject matter expertise to the legal and commercial teams to ensure that the resulting agreement will lead to a sound and market competitive operational service.
Discussing Solutions
  • Coaching: Providing regular support to and act as a sounding board for managers leading an outsourcing project (and other organisation transformation projects).
  • Renegotiation: Developing renegotiation strategy and support client team in renegotiating an agreement.

Other sources of information

There are a number of associations providing information and articles, some available to non-members:

  • SSON / Shared Services & Outsourcing Network
  • NOA / National Outsourcing Association
  • HRO Today Services and Technology Association