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Outsourcing Fundamentals

Independent guide to Outsourcing: BPO strategy, Service Provider selection, contracting and implementation projects. Assessing and improving your current service.


Guidance on Business Process Outsourcing.

If you are using or considering outsourcing

then you should find this site useful. No prior knowledge of outsourcing is assumed but it will also provide guidance for people who have some experience.

My objective is to increase understanding of outsourcing:

what does outsourcing entail? when is it a viable alternative to undertaking activities in-house? what are the advantages and disadvantages? how do you go engaging an outsourcing service provider? what do you do if a service is not delivering as needed?

The coverage is primarily BPO

I.e. services supporting areas of Finance, HR, procurement and similar activities, however, most of the material is also relevant to IT. There is more focus on transactional than knowledge based activities and the base premise is that the outsourced service serves multiple countries and locations from a single service centre.

The site structure is aligned to the various circumstances you may find yourself in. These are described to the right and can be selected from the menu column on the left. Or, use the search below:

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Please provide feedback. I am very interested in understanding who is finding this site helpful. I would also welcome feedback to help improve the site. Are there topics that you would like to see covered? Is there information lacking clarity or not covered sufficiently? Please click on About - Provide Feedback and use the form to leave your comments.

Which section should you read?

exploring strategy

Explore Outsourcing Strategy

Are you testing if Outsourcing or an internal service centre might be an effective way of improving the business? What are the alternatives? How do you go about testing whether there are appropriate service companies, developing your plans and business case?

developing Solution

Select & Contract a BPO provider

You have decided on an outsourcing strategy. How do you go about scoping and defining the potential outsource scope and service characteristics; Defining the commercial approach; Identifying, selecting and contracting with a service provider?


Implementing an Outsourcing Service

You have just signed a contract with your service provider. Can you leave the rest to them? How do you Prepare for launch? What do you need to do for change management, process realignment, go-live and stabilisation.

Man with headache

Assessing your BPO Service

The outsource service is established. But is it performing optimally? How do you carry out an assessment and how do you resolve issues or even, in the worst case serious disputes?

Dealing with the end of a BPO Contract

Your outsourcing contract is coming to an end. What should you be doing? How do you prepare?