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Outsourcing Fundamentals

Independent guide to Outsourcing: BPO strategy, Service Provider selection, contracting and implementation projects. Assessing and improving your current service.

BPO Roles

Overview of roles required in BPO

The table below shows the various roles required in the different phases of outsourcing. Please note that these are roles and not people. In practice, some roles are full-time, some combined and some delivered on a part time basis.

X to XXX represents the level of involvement required

O to OOO represents the degree to which experience of an earlier phase is of value to the role.

Steering Roles     
Executive Sponsor/Decision makerHas full authority to make decisions. Resolves stalemate situations in steering.XXXXXXXXXXX
Stakeholder representativesRepresent the (future) users of the services. XXXXXXXXXXX
SMEs for service componentsBring business knowledge and expertise covering the service scope.XXXXXXXXXXX
BPO ExpertProvides advice on all matters of BPOXXXXXXXXXXX
LegalAdvice on legal pointsXXXXXXX
FinanceEnsures programme is in line with company finance policies.XXXXXXXXXX
Project Roles     
Client Lead / Service OwnerMobilise resources; set strategy and directions for overall implementation programme; manage relationship with Steering Group and other stakeholders. XXXXXXXXX 
Project managerProvide day-to-day management of projects. Leads planning activities and coordinates resources required for projects.XXXXXXXXX 
Project OfficeTrack and update project plans; draft and submit project reports; track project budget; manage project information processesXXXXXXXX 
service scope SMEsProvide description of business requirements: Statements of work; geographic and organisational scope; validate Service descriptions and service levelsXXXXXXXXX 
Outsourcing SMEsProvide description of overall business requirement for BPO; provide guidance to other content providers; specific content on Service level framework; transition and transformation and link to payments; services reporting and projearyct library.XXXXXXXX 
Financial analyst / architectCollates and analyses financial and pricing data for the base case, business case, proposal evaluations, budgets and benefits plans.XXXXXX 
IT SMEEnsure contract reflects Unilever IT policy and standards. Take lead in development of disaster recovery and business continuity scheduleXXXXXX 
Governance SMEDesigns and develops the processes and roles required for management of the services.XXXXXXX 
Transition managerLead the project: Initial communications to leadership and wider stakeholders; lead for project activities; agree with supplier the format and technology to be used for process mapping and other analysis. Lead with support from Programme Director the validation of outcome and proposals with stakeholders XXXXX 
NegotiatorLead for all negotiations with supplier and ensuring good procurement practice. XXXX 
HREnsure contract and process takes into account HR and consultation requirementsXXXXXXX 
Change ManagementContribute to transition and transformation content. Put in place change management plans for programme, in particular with respect to internal change and consultation.XXXXXXX 
Organisation DesignDesigns the client's retained organisation and may support Governance designXXXXXX 
LegalLead for contracting process and validation of all contract contentXXXXX 
ProcurementLead for all negotiations with supplier and ensuring good procurement practice.XXXXX 
FinanceTake lead in definition of invoicing and taxation considerationsXXXXXXXX 
Operational Roles     
BPO Service ManagerResponsible for the client's service management. Is focal point for formal communications between client and provider (in liaison with Procurement). Monitors performance and deals with issues. Manages the integration of new operational services into operation governance processesOOOOOOOXXX
Contract ManagerResponsible for tracking, and ensuring compliance with, contract commitments. Lead in contractual negotiations. Ensures contract documentation keeps up with actual delivery of services, including all contract change management.OOOOOOOXXX
Finance ManagerResponsible for validation of invoices and timely payment of the Service Provider; Responsible for value tracking and all financial reporting. Ensures compliance with contract commitments.Ensures contract keeps up with actual delivery of services. OOOOXXX
Service Quality & Compliance ManagementEnsures timeliness and accuracy of performance reporting. Consolidates and prepares reporting package. Ensures compliance with statutory, regulatory, security, and other internal standards OOXXX
PMO / projects and changesFacilitates planning for Transformation and Transition. Acts as Transition lead for Client. Responsible for project initiation and approval. Coordinates with and ensures quality of approved projects. OOXX
Commercial ManagementResponsible for timely and accurate payment of service provider. Responsible for value tracking and all financial reporting. Ensures compliance with contract commitments. Ensures contract keeps up with actual delivery of services. OOOOOOXXX
Relationship ManagementPrepares the organisation for change. Communicates the value of outsourcing and other changes. Collects demand forecasts and business requirements. Escalates business issues OOOOXXX