The Longitudinals

Having completed making the bulkheads, it is time to cut out the Longitudinals which form 2 internal “walls” bow to stern and will hold the bulkheads in place while planking the hull. Unlike the bulkheads, the plans do not include a full size drawing to provide the shape. Instead there are a set of dimensions… Continue reading The Longitudinals

Contradiction Resolved

I found a contradiction in the plans. One of my next actions was to cut out the plywood to make up the transom. According to the plans the transom is made up of 2 layers or laminations of plywood with an Iroko capping at the top all faced by an Iroko layer to the exterior.… Continue reading Contradiction Resolved

Bulkheads and Floors

Time to glue the floors and more doublers onto the bulkheads. I have 5 of the bulkheads all laid out with the floors glued and clamped. The picture below is bulkhead #3, which supports the mast and hence has the most extensive hardwood doubler to give it strength. The thicker side pieces give a stronger… Continue reading Bulkheads and Floors

Making the floors

In boat building terms, the floors are like floor beams. They provide strength at the bottom of the boat. On the Golant Gaffer, the floors are made of Iroko hardwood and glued to the bulkheads. The piece of Iroko sized to become floors (and other parts) was too thick for my little hand circular saw,… Continue reading Making the floors