And the starboard side

Doing anything for a second time usually takes less time and that was the case for the second deck shelf.

Deck Shelves

For the Golant Gaffer design (I don’t know if this is more general), the deck shelves wrap around the bulkheads at the top of the hull and provide the base for hull planking and the deck, and so are an important structural piece. I made the amateur’s mistake of ordering the specified softwood from my… Continue reading Deck Shelves

Keel Second Layer

The next job is to add another layer of the keel. The keel will have to be shaped to follow the line of the bulkheads and Roger Dongray recommends planing off some of the wood fixing the plan in place. Below is my device for marking how much wood will need removing. Resin applied and… Continue reading Keel Second Layer

Starting the Keel

On the Golant Gaffer, the keel starts with 2 long (5.1m) planks of Iroko, the first of which is to be screwed and glued to the bottom edges of the floors – which, because I am building upside down, are at the top. But I am getting ahead of myself. As is normal, the timber… Continue reading Starting the Keel