Beds for the motor

You need a solid base to bolt the engine to. On the Golant Gaffer this base, the engine beds, is made by sandwiching a section of the longitudinals with a chunk of Iroko on the outside… And plywood on the inside. The engine mounts will be bolted to the engine beds.

Bracing the structure

The process of bending the deck shelf around the bulkheads exerts high forces which would distort the boat’s alignment without good bracing. You can see in the pictures below the struts I have added. It will be interesting to find if this is enough.

Longitudinals and Transom

With the bulkheads all in place, the longitudinals can be slotted into place The fore – aft position is obviously fixed by matching up to the bulkheads. The height is adjusted until the marked water line matches the marking on the bulkheads. My laser level made the whole process relatively straightforward. Then out comes the… Continue reading Longitudinals and Transom