Bulkheads on support struts

The support struts, although fixed fore to aft, allow bulkheads to be adjusted vertically and side to side. Below, all the bulkheads are on their support struts. Time to bring out the laser level (how were boats built before laser levels?). The bulkheads all have the centreline and waterline. These are used to for lining… Continue reading Bulkheads on support struts

The building frame

The building frame provides a solid base for the assembly of the bulkheads and longitudinals. The first level is anchored into the concrete floor. The crossmembers must be positioned carefully at right angles to the centre line and the correct distance apart because they set the position of the bulkheads. The building frame below is… Continue reading The building frame

Building the transom

The transom is first made up of 2 layers of 12mm plywood, shown below being glued. Then an Iroko capping piece is glued on top. This part will be visible. You can see the cutout for the tiller. And below, ready for fixing to the longitudinals at the stern. At a later stage, the outer… Continue reading Building the transom