The Crew Visits

I had a visit from one of my crew teams today (I have two teams. The other team is younger) to check on progress. The good news is that I have had a good test of the strength of box frame joints and it stood up well. The bad news is that my crew decided… Continue reading The Crew Visits

Fairing the egg box frame

In boat building terminology “fair” is a term used to denote the evenness or regularity of a curve or line. The egg box frame – longitudinals, bulkheads, the transom and the stem all need to be “faired” so that the strip planks can be laid to give a nice even, regular surface. I use one… Continue reading Fairing the egg box frame

Facing the Transom

With the deck shelves in place, it is time to cover them, the end of the keel and the rest of the transom with a layer of Iroko. I glued the lower plank in place first so that I had could clamp all the facing planks together without having to worry about them slipping out… Continue reading Facing the Transom