The title says it all really. I am retired and I am building a wooden boat.


I built my first boat, with my brother in the 1960’s – a Mirror Dinghy. In the picture below, I am the handsome one.

Launch Day

Then education, family and career fully occupied me for more than a few years. And now I am building my second. I am based in Dorset, a very pleasant place to be retired.

My Philosophy

I am building the boat slowly. No deadlines or urgency ( I had plenty of those in my career). If you enjoy what you are doing, why rush to finish. And I also have other things I enjoy, playing with grandchildren, sailing my Shrimper, helping my wife in the garden. (The last one isn’t true. Just here in case my wife reads the blog)

The Blog

The blog is to allow me to keep a diary of the project. A blog is actually an excellent diary. It keeps pictures and comments all in date order. The blog is also to allow friends and family to see what I am up to. Or, more often, to allow me to respond to the question “are you still building that boat?” With: “aren’t you following my blog?”. Finally, there is the remote possibility that someone interested in boat building might stumble across it. That is my excuse for possibly including mind numbing detail in some posts.